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Filter za printer karbonski

  • Производител: CleanOffice
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CLEAN OFFICE CARBON 1 Ozone Fine dust filter each box for laser printers and copiers, protection against ozone, benzene and toluene size 150 x 120 mm


How does the fine dust filter?

The Clean Office carbon filters out harmful substances such as ozone Ozone and fine dust filter (ozone depletion efficiency at approx. 95%), benzene, toluene, as well as fine dust and unpleasant odours.

The electrostatically charged material and filter consists of an additional layer active carbon.


Resistance-free printer ventilation

There is no significant flow resistance, so that the printer ventilation is not affected.


For what equipment is the fine dust filter suitable for?

It is suitable for all standard laser printers, fax and copy devices


Highlights & Details

Protect against ozone, benzene, unangenhmen odors, as well as fine dust

Suitable for all standard laser printers

Filter effect 6-12 months depending on the pressure load

Incl. consumption display of the filter

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